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Cricket Betting Tips, Odds, and More

There are hundreds of different cricket betting websites out there, and it’s hard to know which sites are best to use. Fortunately, we’re here to help you find the best cricket betting tips for free on the Internet so you can make your bets with confidence and assurance. If you use the information and free cricket betting tips below to their fullest, you will be able to get the most fun and profit out of your online betting experience.


To lead off on this list of online cricket betting tips, Bet365 represents one of the more popular cricket betting sites in the world. You can place your bets on this site pre-match, but you can also take advantage of numerous in-play opportunities that allow you to make a wager while watching the match. Bet365 allows accounts that deal specifically in INR currency and provides cricket betting tips in Hindi, making it a popular site for those who are native to India.


Betfair runs itself similarly to a stock exchange that uses sports bets instead of business projections. Much of the interface focuses on live betting, providing new odds and live cricket betting tips as a match unfolds. For those concerned with the graphic user interface of their preferred betting site, Betfair offers a straightforward layout with graphics that are easy to understand. This makes it easy for you to place a bet or view all cricket betting tips available with the site.


Betway is licensed out of the United Kingdom, but offers cricket session betting tips to anybody across the world. The site offers a comprehensive set of matches, including some tournaments and matches that are less well-known among even experienced cricket betters. While the live streaming option for the site pales in comparison to Bet365, the rest of the interface is excellent, making this a great site for people who want to put their cricket betting tips and predictions to good use.

How Do You Find the Best Cricket Betting Site?

The best cricket betting site is a matter of perspective. Some people value interface more highly, others want live streaming, and still more just want a simple and intuitive way to put their free cricket betting tips prediction information to good use. Overall, Bet365 usually gets the nod and is terrific for betting on ODI, T20 and Test matches, BBL, IPL, the World Cup, and much more. This is where having a solid cricket betting tips report for free can really benefit you.

Things to Consider When Betting Online

When you bet online, you should make sure that you know as much as possible about the site and the bets you plan to make. Seeking out cricket betting tips for free online helps to make sure that you approach the situation with as much information as possible. You should also check out user reviews of the site and make sure that the site you choose has access to all popular cricket tournaments, such as ODI, IPL, and the World Cup.

The Value of Trust

Whether the website you choose offers IPL cricket betting tips, live bets, or any sort of similar transactions, you need to make sure that you can trust that site. This means double-checking the site’s security certificate to make sure that it uses the latest SSL security and a good firewall. Among the best free cricket betting tips today that you can receive is to always use a secure and trustworthy site.

Depositing and Withdrawing Funds

Always look over the banking options available to you on any cricket betting site. You should make sure that you can deposit and withdraw funds conveniently and quickly. Ideally, the site should have compatibility with all major digital wallet vendors and also be able to provide transactions through credit card, debit card, and bank transfer. Some sites offer tips for free while others charge a small fee for the best cricket betting tips, so be sure to note that as well.

Options on the Betting Market

Many cricket betting sites offer a limited number of betting options, allowing results only for wins, losses, and draws. However, some sites offer more variety, including options that allow you to place bets on the top batsman or bowler, toss winner, man of the match, and more. If you want to get the most out of a cricket betting tips guide, look for those sites that offer expanded options.

Odds and Pricing

The odds between one bookmaker and another tend to differ, sometimes significantly. For example, one bookmaker may offer odds of 1.83 on a team while another might have the odds higher at 2. If you feel confident that you have good advice from free cricket betting tips for today’s match, placing a bet on the latter means a higher return on your bet and more profit in the end.

Site Terms and Conditions

Before signing up on a new betting site, always check to terms and conditions first. The information provided here may seem tedious to read through, but it provides details on the minimum deposit amount, minimums and maximums on line betting, and how much you need to have in your account before making a withdrawal. Sites with tantalizing promotions might not have favorable terms and conditions, so knowing the details is almost as important as having good cricket betting tips and predictions.

Customer Support Information

Finally, always take the time to learn about the quality of a site’s customer support. You should find a site that offers live chatting in addition to phone and email options, as this makes hassles easier to resolve. If a site offers home cricket betting tips for free but lacks strong customer support, those free tips likely become less useful. Strong customer support is usually a good indicator of a betting site’s quality.

The Betting Process

Now that we have reviewed what you should look for in a cricket betting site and today’s cricket betting tips, here’s a step-by-step process on how to bet online. Begin by choosing your website and creating an account. This is usually a simple and free process. On occasion, you might need a scanner or printer to print important information or scan identity-verifying documents.

Make an Initial Deposit

After signing up, it’s time to make your initial deposit. This should be at least the minimum amount required to place a bet. In places where online betting is completely allowed, you can use your credit card, debit card, or bank account. In other areas, such as India, you might need to use a digital wallet like Neteller or Skrill. Make sure that the account you create accepts money in the currency you prefer to use.

Make a Bet

With money in your account, you are now ready to place your bets. First, consult today’s cricket match betting tips to make sure you have the very best information possible. From there, log into your account, check the odds on your bet, and make your wager. Once you place your bet you will get a bet slip where you add your stake (the amount of your bet). Double-check the information and confirm it, and you are all set. Note that some sites may have one or two additional steps here.

Types of Bets

Most major cricket betting sites have multiple kinds of bets that you can place. When considering what sort of bets are right for you, consider the following online cricket betting tips.

Match or Tournament Winner

The most common type of bet, this involves simply placing a wager on the winner of an individual match or series. For most matches, you can choose a win or lose option. Test matches provide an additional option for draws. Before placing your bet on these, make sure that you have consulted any relevant live cricket betting tips and have a high degree of confidence on the bet you are making.

Top Batsman or Bowler

Sites that allow you to bet in this category allow you to wager on who will score the most runs or which bowler will finish with the best figures. You can make bets on these categories for the end of innings or the end of a match. You bet will get voided if you select a batsman or bowler who does not feature in the playing eleven of the match. If the player plays but does not get to bat or bowl, the bet will be settled.

Toss Winner

Whether a match is a test, ODI, or T20 international, it begins with a coin toss to decide who will bat or bowl first. When placing a bet on the toss winner, all you need to do is predict the winner of the toss. This is one of the few areas where IPL cricket betting tips won’t help you much, since the odds are the same and there is no skill required to make the right guess.

Man of the Match

This bet involves choosing the player who you think is most likely to give the best field performance. The man of the match is determined at the end of the game. This bet requires a good knowledge of the two teams playing, and having access to reliable cricket betting tips and predictions can certainly help you make sure that the bet you place has the best possible chance of winning.

Highest Opening Partnership

This bet involves picking which team’s opening batsmen will score the most runs between them throughout a match. This is a bet that even those with experience often avoid because of the high amount of research needed to make the prediction accurately. Certain opening batsmen might have a poor record against certain bowlers, so intensive research and the use of reliable free cricket betting tips prediction information is a must here.

How Do Betting Odds Work?

The numbers floated around with IPL cricket betting tips and online betting options can confuse many people. What follows is a basic rundown of how these odds work and how you can use them to your advantage. At its most basic, you can estimate a probability chance by dividing 1 by the odds number. For example, if the odds at 1.80, the probability is 1/1.80, or 55.55%.

How Much Will You Win?

When betting, you can determine your potential profits by multiplying the stake (the amount you bet) by the odds and then subtracting your stake. So if you bet 700 INR on a T20 international match with 1.80 odds, your profit if you win equals (70 x 1.80) – 70, or 56 INR total. This formula works across the board for all odds; as long as you have a calculator, you can figure things out quickly.

Fractional, Decimal, and American Betting

Betting odds are often presented either as fractional odds, decimal odds, or American odds. Fractional odds use a fraction to represent your return – if the odds are 3/1, you will get 3 units back for every 1 you wager. Decimal odds are more modern and use the formula outlined above to determine payout – you multiply your stake by the odds to determine potential winnings. Finally, American betting odds use a positive or negative number, such as +250 or -250. Positive odds reflect how much you will win back by staking $100, while negative odds represent how much you have to stake in order to win $100. If this seems confusing due to exchange rate, seeking out cricket betting tips in Hindi might be able to clarify the situation.

By using the online cricket betting tips presented here, you should have a good understanding of what to look for in a betting site, what sort of bets you can place, and how to read the odds for each match. This information can help you to dive into the fun and exciting world of online cricket betting. Whether you plan to start with test matches or go right to ODI, T20, BBL, IPL, and World Cup matches, the advice outlined here gives you a great place to start.