The online gambling industry offers a huge range of slot machines today, with a wide range of bets, rich functionality and elegant graphics. It is easy to get confused in such a variety. In this article you will learn about such important terms as a paytable, types of payments and functional symbols that will help you choose the most suitable slot for an unforgettable gaming session. Many people believe that such entertainment, as online slot machines, does not require any special knowledge or strategic approach.  Place your bet, click on the “Spin” button – everything is simple and clear. But this is a misconception. Having studied several important aspects of slot games, you can not only increase your winnings, but also make the game more logical and consistent.

Most online slots have a special paytable in which all possible symbols and combinations of symbols are presented, as well as their winning odds. Using this table, the player can easily determine symbol value and the amount of winnings if they match. Paytable usually is located in the “Help” section, where you can go with one click. It is also worth considering that each online slot machine has its own unique paytable, each symbol in this table will have its own value. Consequently, different online slots represented in the assortment of online casinos can bring completely different income.

The types of payments in the table

Depending on the slot model, the payout table may contain a regular payout and extra paylines scheme. Classic models of slot machines, for example, for 3 reels and 1 game line, have only one payout option – regular. Usually the regular payout scheme looks like this: symbol image + number of symbols in the combination = amount of winnings. This scheme shows the player how much money he can win by collecting one specific combination in one spin. This version of the table is clear to any beginner.

Another thing is the extra payout slots, which are capable of issuing several winning combinations in one spin. These are more advanced versions of slot machines with five or more reels and at least three gaming lines. In such slot machines, the table is supplemented with a separate field with extra payouts in the form of drawings, which schematically show the player which combination may turn out to be a winning one. Combinations of symbols with extra payouts can consist of various combinations of vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines, and also line up in the form of a V-shape or in the form of a zigzag. There can be lots of variants.

Such slots are more likely to suit an experienced player than a beginner. Although at first glance it may seem that they will often give out winning combinations, however, in fact, it turns out quite the opposite. The fact is that the winnings in the slots are paid only for the combination, which coincided on the activated paylines. Consequently, in order to win in the extra payout slot you will have to constantly make several bets on one spin, which often leads only to a quick loss and high costs.

Functional symbols

Undoubtedly, the presence of special symbols in slots with additional functions can not only stir up interest in the game, but also significantly increase the win. The availability, cost and functionality of these symbols are also indicated in Paytable. You can successfully play slots online without this knowledge, but the game will be much more interesting if you understand the meaning of all the actions that take place on the playing field. Here are the most common types of functional symbols:

  • Wild symbol (Wild) – the most common special symbol. Replaces any other symbol on the reels and helps to form a winning combination. Quite often, developers are not limited to one function and add several original options to a wild symbol in order to highlight their slot on the general background.
  • Multipliers – multiply the payment on the winning combination several times. If “5x multiplier” appears on the drum, it means that the gain in this combination will be increased five times. In some slots, multipliers can complement a combination instead of a wild symbol.
  • Scatter symbol – Usually the scatter appears only in a winning combination. Players often confuse it with a multiplier due to some similarity of function. Unlike the latter, scatter symbol multiplies not the win amount, but the bet which was made in this spin. But this is not all of its capabilities. Scatter can also launch a mini-game or a series of free spins. Scatter functions depend on the specific game model, and in order to fully understand all its capabilities, it is worth reading a detailed overview of this slot.
  • Bonus Symbol – an activator of bonus games in slots. According to the rules of the slot game, to start the bonus game you have to fulfill some requirement, for example, collect 3 Bonus symbols at once for one spin.

Gamble game

Risky game or “Doubling Game” is present in many modern slots. If you find its description in paytable, therefore you have a great opportunity to increase your winnings by one and a half, two, or even four times. Usually, the player is offered either to guess the suit of the card, or to choose a higher card value from the four closed ones, while the player needs to beat the dealer’s open card, which is laid face down. You can activate gamble game at any time, without fulfilling special conditions, but for this you need to make a maximum bet, it means, take a full risk.

This and other information can be found in paytable of the online slot you have chosen. If you prefer to play through the downloaded software, then be prepared for the fact that the automatic update will periodically make changes to the game, enter new characters, etc. Any transformations will be reflected in paytable.

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