Slot machines or just slots are one of the most popular forms of gambling and an essential attribute of any casino that is eager to have a good reputation. Even sophisticated players often prefer to play slot machines, rather than blackjack or roulette. And there are several reasons for this: the slot game is really risky, since the win in it depends on sheer luck, and both a professional and a beginner have the same chances to win.

There is no need to learn multiple rules or work out complex strategies to succeed in this game. What is more, you can play slots placing minimum bets, but win several thousand dollars as a result or even several million dollars if you are lucky to hit the jackpot. The development of high technologies enabled the “one-armed bandit” to migrate from the stuffy gambling halls to the Internet. As a result the game has become more interesting, easier and more profitable to play. Now any player can either risk a large sum of money or try out online slot machines for free and enjoy gambling not leaving home.

Choosing a slot machine

All online slot machines have a unique design, user-friendly interface, excellent graphics and sound effects. Not surprisingly, newbies get lost in such diversity of games and do not know which a particular item to choose. Slots differ from each other in the number of reels and pay lines. Also, different pay tables, slots math and bonus programs may take place. A 3 reel machine with 5 pay lines is the best option for beginners to start with. Thus you will learn quickly all the nuances of the game enjoying it at the same time.

For a sophisticated player, online casinos offer advanced versions of slots with 7 or 9 reels. There can also be the slots with 10, 20 pay lines or even more. Of course, the chances of betting on a winning combo increase several times, but you must take into account that the size of each bet in a such kind of slot machines is much bigger than that in a simpler version.

One of the few strategies in the slot game is to select a specific number of paylines to bet on. A payline is a stright horizontal line with symbols, which is used to determine whether the combination won in a given spin or not. In most online slots, a player can activate selected pay lines and change their number on each spin.

However, the sum of the bet will also increase in this case, since there is to be a separate bet for each activated payline according to the rules of the slot game. So, a player has always an opportunity to choose whether to activate a lot of pay lines and play for high stakes or enjoy playng a long game with a single payline. Also, slot machines differ from each other by a payout percentage. The total winning payout earned by a player will be much higher for a slot machine with the maximum rate of 95-99%.

Paytable and bonuses in slot machines

The chances of success will increase tenfold if you carefully examine a paytable and bonuses that a particular slot offers. Inexperienced players are strongly recommended to read a useful article about the paytable and bonus features, which describes these important aspects of the slot game in detail. The main purpose of the paytable is to help a player determine the value of any symbol and calculate the exact payout for a particular combination that may land.

The difference in the value of symbols of different slots can be quite significant. In this connection, it is better to spend a while studying a paytable before you start playing online slots for real money. In most games, the paytable is easily accessible in a special game area – just click once on the proper button and an expanded menu will pop up. If you can not find such a button on a gaming screen, click on the Help icon.

In the paytable you can also find information about specific symbols that help to form winning combinations, double the value of symbols or the amount of a bet. There are a great number of bonus symbols. The most common are “wild symbols”, which can serve as an equivalent of a necessary but missing feature in a combination. In most slots, a combo consisting of only “wild symbols” is equal to a jackpot.

There are also “multipliers” that multiply the value of symbols; “bonus symbols”, which can activate a bonus round and other extra functions that symbols have. Knowledge of the bonus program provided by a particular online casino, also increases the odds of winning. Online casinos often offer slot machines with a no deposit bonus at registration, encourage active players with free spins or bonus amounts of money.

Start playing slot machines for money

In order to start playing, a user needs to register, pay a deposit in advance and install the necessary software on the computer. Numerous online casinos offer browser versions for instant access to a slot game, though professional players playing for real money, prefer the downloaded version. In this case, the game is unlikely to be suddenly interrupted during the jackpot bet. Moreover, in many online casinos extra slots are often available only for downloaded versions.

It is also important to learn about possible ways to get the winning payouts, since some of the usual methods of depositing money in online casinos may not be suitable for transferring an award to a player. The most popular systems for withdrawing money from an account in most online casinos are WebMoney, Visa, MasterCard, etc. A more detailed list of online payment systems is available in a special section of a casino website.

Online slot machines to play for free

Actually, almost all online casinos offer their clients to play a slot game for free without registration. There can be more than 70 slot games devoted to diverse topics such as popular comics, famous movies or space exploration, etc. Even an experienced player can feel confused coming across such variety of slots. That is the reason why practically all online casinos provide an opportunity to play new slot machines for free and with no time limit.

Free slot machines are a good opportunity for regular customers to learn all the advantages of a new slot taking no risks. Meanwile, for beginners this is a great chance to get a complete picture of the game as well as to understand the rules, strategies and move on to playing for money aterwards. The most important thing is that free slot machines are available without software installation – just use a Web version of an app.

+ A real feeling of excitement, a chance to win big money and prizes
+ Opportunity to get profitable bonuses, participate in promotions and tournaments
+ A wide selection of blackjack options are provided
+ You can plunge into the atmosphere of a real casino with live dealers
+ The game takes place in a training mode, there is no risk of losing money and fear of losing
+ There is no need to register, make a deposit and download software
+ The perfect way to hone skills in a relaxed atmosphere and try different strategies
+ Great for those who like to play just for fun