Varieties of Roulette

Roulette is one of the most popular casino table games. Not surprisingly, the developers continue to improve this theme, inventing new roulette variants, transform and add new game options. Mini-roulette, royal, Russian or with one zero – there are quite few options, but for some reason the absolute majority of users remain true to the old classics. In this article you will learn about the three main and undoubtedly the most popular types of roulette – European, American and French.

The following characteristics are common for all varieties of roulette: the goal of the game is to guess the number that the ball will fall on after each spin of the wheel, the game against the casino, the presence of a wheel and the playing field. The wheel sectors are always painted in red and black, zero – traditionally green. Games differ from each other in the number and distribution of numbers on the wheel and the playing field, possible bets, some special rules and casino shares. And now we consider each type of game separately.


The wheel in the European roulette contains 37 sectors, numbered from 0 to 36. Traditionally, sectors from 1 to 36 are colored red and black, zero is highlighted in green. Each sector of the wheel has a corresponding cell in a special table, which is called the playing field.

The table is conventionally divided into internal and external playing field. The inner playing field includes all cells containing the number and color of a particular sector. They are used for direct bets on one number, divided bets, when chips are put on a line dividing two numbers, straight on three numbers, etc. For combined bets on large groups of numbers, cells of the external playing field are used. In roulette, odds / odd, black / red, over / under are from 1 to 18 or from 19 to 36, dozens, columns, etc

Often, on the table of the European roulette, in addition to the main playing field, you can see another one – the track. This name he received due to its curved shape, reminiscent of a circular sports track. In fact, the track is a projection of the circumference of the roulette wheel, which is used for call bets.

The main distinguishing feature of European roulette is the En Prison rule, which means “to prison”. According to this rule, if the ball hits the zero sector, bets with 50/50 odds (black / red, even / odd, more / less) are not lost, but are frozen until the next round, i.e., go to jail. If on the next spin, this bet wins, then it is returned to the player without payout. If the next back is zero again or the bet is lost, the chips go to the casino.

The share of casinos in European roulette is 2.7%, and with the En Prison rule, the casino advantage is reduced to 1.35%. Therefore, not all casinos use it. Casino share in European roulette is much lower than in the American and French versions of the game, which makes it more profitable and, accordingly, more popular among players.


The American Roulette wheel contains 38 sectors, numbered from 0 to 36 and has an additional sector of 00. The playing field also contains a “double zero” cell, on which bets are accepted. On the American roulette table you will not find a track for call bets, and the rest of the markup does not differ from the European counterpart. There is the same external and internal playing field for direct, group and combined bets.

American roulette has its own special rule Surrender, according to which when a zero occurs, bets with 50/50 odds (black / red, even / odd, more / less) are lost by half. This rule is valid only for “equal chances” and reduces casinos share to 2.63%.

Due to the additional sector 00, the share of the gaming house becomes higher than in European roulette – 5.26%, while the chances of winning are reduced. In general, the “double zero” sector is present only in American roulette, so it is not as popular as the European one. To attract players to American roulette online casinos offer special bonuses for playing roulette “with two zeros”. Also, do not forget about the special rule Surrender, which almost halves casino share.


The wheel in French roulette is no different from the European one. It contains 37 sectors, numbered from 0 to 36. The “zero” sector is highlighted in green, the rest from 1 to 36 are colored in black and red. The design of the gaming table is slightly different: for the designation of external bets only French is used. It can be seen in the example, in the French roulette there is an additional playing field – a track for call bets, as in the European version.

French roulette has its own special rule La Partage, although it is no different from the American Surrender. So, when a “zero” rolls out, a player who has bet on equal chances loses only half of its amount.

The casino share in French roulette is the same as in European – 2.7%, and with the rule of La Partage it is reduced to 1.35%.


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