Casino roulette is the best-known table game which is some kind of symbol of gambling. Any casino cannot be considered a full-fledged gambling institution if there isn’t at least one “Wheel of Fortune”. It’s a 100% gamble game, cause the chances of winning for the beginner and the professional are absolutely equal, so you don’t need to train, study a set of rules or stick to a special strategy.

With the advent of casino games on the Internet the situation has not changed. Online roulette is still considered one of the most popular gambling entertainment, with the only difference that the virtual version of this game has become much more convenient and has a number of additional options, which you can read about in a separate article.


It is considered that the roulette is an ideal game for beginners and players who do not like difficult strategic games like blackjack or poker. The game purpose is rather simple just guess the number, the sequence of numbers or the color of the sector to which the ball gets as a result. Online roulette is very similar to real one: the interface looks like a traditional casino table which is divided into two zones – a wheel and a game table for bets.

Rates are marked with the help of virtual counters of a certain advantage which the player gets before the game. The wheel of an online roulette is divided into 37 (European) or 38 (American) sectors as in the American option, in addition to “one zero” (0) there is a “double zero” sector (00).

To each sector of a wheel there corresponds one square on a game table. Besides a certain sector the player can make a bet black or red, even or odd and also choose one number or a group of numbers, etc. For this category of bets on a game table there are additional sections. Of course, if you bet only black, then chances of a winning considerably increase, but the amount of payments will be much less.   

Read please in details about rates and payments in a separate article. It should be taken into account that online roulette is much quicker than a real casino game: in the single mode the player spinning himself, without waiting for other players bets, and in a multiple-player roulette the time alloted for a bet is limited by the timer in each round. After a spin the results are announced and the next round begins.


The real casino is often limited to a couple of tables, while on the website of online casinos the roulette can be presented by ten different types. We advise the beginning players to read additional article about the most popular kinds of roulettes in which the key moments and differences of this or that game are described in more details. More often online casinos suggest playing American and European roulette, more rare option of this game is the French roulette.

But sometimes you can come across more exotic options of this board game: a mini-roulette with 13 numbers, the Russian roulette online or a roulette without zero. Games differ from each other in the number of sectors and distribution of numbers on a wheel, existence of double “zero” or total absence of such sector, the game field and some specific rules. The main thing when choosing a roulette is to consider a share of casino in this or that game which can fluctuate from 1.35% to 5.4%. For example, in the European roulette the institution share usually makes 2.7%.


Certainly, one of key factors for pleasant pastime in the atmosphere of fair play is the right choice of online casino.  In this section of the website you can find the top online casinos which will help you to define the most attractive for yourself.  In creating this ranking we have taken into consideration such important factors as existence of the gambling license in a respected jurisdiction, original software of the leading providers, withdrawal rate, existence of popular and convenient payment system, privacy and security. The presented institutions carry out playing for real money and also give an opportunity to play online casino games for free without registration. Various types of card games, slots, video poker and real dealers — here you will be able to make the deliberate choice in the exciting world of online casinos and other gambling.

If you are looking for a strategy with absolute efficiency, well we are hurry to tell you that It doesn’t exist. And no one betting system will help you to predict the spin results generated by the RNG. Online Casino roulette Software are regularly subjected to a number of checks by independent experts. So it turns out that RNG can obey to only one thing – to Lady Luck, but you shouldn’t count only on it. The use of such popular betting systems as Martingale, Fibonacci, Dalamber, etc. will not help to deceive a casino but at least will save you from incorrect bets and will make a game more intelligent.


If you are not sure that you understood all the rules and are not ready to make bets on real money, then the best variant for you will be online roulette for virtual money. You shouldn’t go through the registration process, make a deposit or install the software on the computer in this case. Besides this a no-deposite game is a way of online casino checking for honesty. In a good online casino, the demo-version roulette will be always available to users, which means for free. It allows the player to study the rules, get used to the new interface and be trained before playing for real money. And for some, free online roulette without registration is just a good opportunity to spend leisure time playing favourite gambling games without financial losses.