Undoubtedly, poker is the king of gambling. And perhaps, it is the only gambling which managed to move from the category of entertainments to intellectual sport with the passing of time. Today champions of poker tournaments are not less rich and famous than the titled professional athletes. Therefore many gamblers were not afraid to make poker their main occupation and the only way of earning a living. Poker differs from other gambling entertainments. In most casino games the winning generally depends on luck, while in poker 99% of success is provided by game experience and the choice of the correct strategy. Therefore, playing smart poker can become quite a favorable hobby bringing constant income.


At the moment online poker is the most fast-growing sector of the gambling industry which total income is measured by billions of dollars. Nobody says that online poker will sometime replace a live game. And still its online version has a number of advantages which do the online poker such attractive to gamblers. First, it is possible to play poker online 24/7 and it is not even necessary to leave your own house. Secondly, online players do not need to spend a lot of time searching for a free table with a comfortable level of bets. Thirdly, there are no land-based casinos which could provide such a variety of poker games, online tournaments, profitable promotions, bonus poker, etc. To evaluate all advantages of this it is possible to play online poker for free and without registration.


In fact, poker is the general concept which unites more than 10 types of card games with the general rules and an identical ultimate goal. In any type of poker the main aim of the player is the “bank” formed from players bets. In poker it is possible to break the bank in two ways: to collect the highest poker combination of cards or to force opponents to leave a game. The most interesting and important part of a game is “trading”. Each round of betting is followed by opening one of common cards and a change of a game situation, which forces one player to refuse fighting for the common bank, while stimulates another to continue bargaining.

The outcome of a poker game depends mostly on the strategy of the player and ability to sensibly estimate chances of winning the game. Two important elements — the common bank and trade during the game unite all kinds of poker. Games differ in the order of bets, seniority of poker combinations, number of rounds of betting and the handed-over cards. Gamblers like to try different types of poker: it promotes rapid growth of professionalism and helps to understand poker in general. And still most of players give the preference to Texas Hold’em which, by the way, is considered the most convenient poker version to start training. By the way, it is much easier to learn to play online poker than in real table. Here at your service there is high-quality software, and a set of useful information. It is possible to use no-deposit bonus for playing poker or to play free without registration.


The great popularity allowed online poker to stand out among other gambling games and to become a separate and very profitable sector of a gambling industry. It led to appear of new type of gambling websites, which are called poker rooms. In fact they are online equivalents of “land-based” poker clubs. In the most popular poker rooms 200 thousand registered users can play online at the same time. Today poker rooms offer various types of poker, a wide choice of tables for players with different level of training, poker games for real money with different bet limits, 24 hours online tournaments with big winning sums of hundreds of thousands dollars, reliable software and financial security.

When choosing the website for a game, it is necessary to pay attention to existence of convenient ways of deposit and money withdrawal, 24 hours customer support. After a standard registration procedure it is suggested to install the software on the computer with the help of downloading game client. It is possible to use the browser (flash) version of software if there is such an option. The registered user gets access to the main menu (lobby) with the list of poker games, bets limits, and other parameters which can be filtered. It is possible to go through a lobby to the “Cashier” section where all the account balance changes and transaction history is available. As you can see, it is very convenient and quite safe to play online poker if a resource is reliable and has a high-quality software.


You should not hurry with investing in the unknown gambling website especially knowing that the best poker rooms, such as Full Tilt Poker or Stars, give to their clients an opportunity to play poker for free and without registration. It is also often possible to find poker rooms with a no-deposit bonus for registration or making deposit. In a free game a user does not earn anything, but also loses nothing and, at the same time without any restrictions it’s possible for a player to use all the game functions. It makes no-deposit poker very popular. Players can have different purposes: someone wants to see game software quality and to get used to the interface, someone learns to play poker from scratch or masters a new game type, and someone increases experience before playing a game for real money. Regardless of the purpose, no-deposit poker bonus gives the chance to start a game and does not demand any investments.

+ A real feeling of excitement, a chance to win big money and prizes
+ Opportunity to get profitable bonuses, participate in promotions and tournaments
+ A wide selection of blackjack options are provided
+ You can plunge into the atmosphere of a real casino with live dealers+ The game takes place in a training mode, there is no risk of losing money and fear of losing
+ There is no need to register, make a deposit and download software
+ The perfect way to hone skills in a relaxed atmosphere and try different strategies
+ Great for those who like to play just for fun