Spanish Blackjack

This is rather unusual kind of blackjack, which is very popular in online casinos. Spanish blackjack is considered one of the most player-friendly variant, as it has a number of special rules that are not found in classic blackjack. In real Spanish blackjack, 4-6 decks of cards of 48 cards are used, while there are dozens in the deck. This feature plays against the player. Most online casinos provide players with additional features in the form of bonus payments, equalizing the chances of the player and the casino.

The goal of the game does not change. The player needs to beat the dealer, having collected the strongest combination of cards, while the player’s points must not exceed the limit 21. The strongest and highest-paying combination of cards is Blackjack, which consists of an Ace and any ten-card.


From 2 to 9 – corresponds to the face value of the card;
Jack, Dame, King – 10 points;
Ace – either 1 or 11 points (at the request of the player).


  • 10 are missing from the deck;
  • if the player and the dealer have collected blackjack, the player wins;
  • the player and the dealer collected 21 points – the player wins (unless the dealer has a blackjack);
  • the dealer is obliged to pick up one card with “soft” 17;
  • the player can double twice;
  • а player may surrender after doubling a bet or splitting a pair of cards;
  • the payment system of winnings takes into account face values, the number and cards’ suit.


The game starts as standard: the player bets on the box or on several boxes, after which the dealer deals himself and the players with two cards. One dealer’s card remains closed. If the first open card gives the dealer 10 points, then a closed card is automatically checked for the presence of blackjack. If the dealer’s second card turns out to be Ace – the round ends and all players, even those with 21 points, lose. If one of the players in this round also has blackjack, he is paid out the winnings based on the 3:2 odd, since there is no tie in the Spanish version of blackjack.

If the dealer’s first card was an Ace, the player can insure against blackjack. Click the “Insurance” button for this and make an additional bet on the box, equal to half the original bet. If the dealer has blackjack, the player receives a 2:1 win. If the player in the hand has received blackjack, then the dealer offers him “even money”: get paid immediately at the odd of 1:1 before opening the second dealer card.

If the first dealer’s open card is not a “ten” and not an Ace, the game follows these rules. If the dealer scored 16 points or less, then he should get another card. If the “hard” 17 or more than 17 points, then he should stop. The exception is “soft” 17, in which the dealer is obliged to pick up another card.

If the initial combination is strong, the player can raise the bet twice (press the button “Double” or “x2”). In this case, he is supposed to get another card, but only one. The rules of Spanish blackjack allow the second doubling of the bet, after which the player again receives one card per box. You can double on any number of cards, but not more than 4 times or while the “Double” button remains active. You can double after splitting the cards.

Cards split also according to special rules. A player can split his pair of cards into two combinations, while in many versions of the game it is allowed to split up 10-point cards of different values, for example, Dame and King. By pressing the “Split” button, the player makes a separate bet for each combination, equal to the initial one. Everything happens automatically. It is possible to divide a hand on one box no more than three times. With a split, 21 points are not considered Blackjack. Also in Spanish blackjack, the player is allowed to surrender, even if he has already split the cards.

The rule of Surrender in Spanish blackjack is slightly different from the classic one. You can surrender after doubling the bet or dividing the cards into two boxes, while the dealer takes one bet and the second returns to the player. The rest of the rules are the same. A player can surrender immediately after receiving two cards. If a player takes an additional card, then he can no longer surrender, the Surrender button disappears or becomes inactive. In any case, if a player chooses the command “Surrender,” he loses half of the current bet.

Players who reach the end of the round compare their cards with the dealer’s combination. If a player has the same number of points as the dealer, a draw is declared and the bet is returned. A player loses a bet if the number of his points is less than the number of points of the dealer


  • collected more points than the dealer. Payouts – 1:1;
  • collected 21 points, while the dealer may also have 21. The payout is 1:1;
  • dealer’s bust. Payouts – 1:1;
  • played “insurance” against “blackjack”. Payouts – 2:1;
  • the player received a “blackjack” at the hand, while the dealer may also have a “blackjack”. Payouts – 3:2;
  • the player received “blackjack” and chose “even money”, since the dealer had the Ace opened. The payout is 1:1.


In addition to the basic combinations and payouts, there are so-called bonus combinations in Spanish blackjack, payments on which are made only if the sum of points equal 21 in them. Bonus combinations are not paid in doubled hands.
Conventionally, these combinations can be divided into three groups:


any combination of 5 cards. Payouts – 3:2;
any combination of 6 cards. Payouts – 2:1;
any combination of 7 cards. The payouts 3:1.

combination of 6-7-8 from assorted cards. Payouts – 3:2;
6-7-8 combination of suited cards. Payouts – 2:1;
6-7-8 combination of peak cards. The payouts 3:1.

7-7-7 combination of assorted cards. Payouts – 3:2;
7-7-7 combination of suited cards. Payouts – 2:1;
7-7-7 combination of peak cards. The payouts 3:1.

The biggest payout in Spanish blackjack is received by the player who has collected a combination of 21 points, which consists of three 7 of the same suit, and the fourth 7 of the same suit is opened at the dealer. Winnings in this case are paid at a 50:1 ratio. It is worth considering that some of the rules and the size of payments may vary depending on the online casino and version of the game. Therefore, we recommend that before starting the game to familiarize yourself on the site of the institution with all the rules and the payment table.