Blackjack Switch

This is one of the most unusual and challenging game variants. Blackjack Switch will be interesting for those who are already well-oriented in classic blackjack and want to gain new experience. The main feature of the Blackjack Switch online game is that here the player gets an unusual opportunity – to change cards between their two boxes for free. This feature gives users a lot of advantages and makes the game Blackjack Switch absolutely unique. Although this variety is not very popular among the majority of players, Blackjack Switch is quite common in online casinos.

The goal of the game remains the same – beat the dealer. The player needs to collect the strongest combination of cards to win, while the sum of the player’s points must not exceed the limit of 21. Due to the frequency of “Blackjack” in a switch game, this combination is not the most profitable and is paid not 3 to 2, but only 1 to 1. This nuance is compensated by the Super Match bonus game, the terms of which are described at the end of the article.


From 2 to 10 – corresponds to the face value of the card;
Jack, Dame, King – 10 points;
Ace – either 1 or 11 points (at the request of the player);
Card suits do not matter.


  • the player always plays with two combinations at the same time;
  • the top cards in each combination can be exchanged with each other;
  • the combination of “blackjack” is paid 1 to 1;
  • the dealer have to stop at “hard” 17 and get the card on “soft” 17;
  • if the dealer receives a total of 22 points, then he does not lose


First, the player have to bet on one or several boxes, but not more than three. Further, the dealer deals two open pairs of cards to the box, the bet is automatically duplicated. Usually, the dealer receives two cards – open and closed, but there are versions of games with one open card. There are some unusual options where the dealer does not check the second card for blackjack at all. But most often the game is played according to the traditional rules: the dealer deals two cards to himself, revealing one of them, and checks for the presence of blackjack if it is Ten or Ace.

With a blackjack, the dealer does not have a set of cards for the player’s boxes. They lose if they don’t have blackjack. If the dealer’s first card was an Ace, then the player can insure against blackjack. Click the “Insurance” button for this and make an additional bet on the box, equal to half the original rate. If the dealer has a blackjack, the player receives a 2:1 win.

The main feature of Blackjack Switch is the Switch option. It appears immediately after the first cards dealing. Using the Switch, the player can swap the top cards. For example, the player on the box is 7/10 and Jack / 5. Choosing “Switch”, the player swaps 10 and 5 and eventually gets 7/5 and Jack / 10 (“blackjack”). Please note that only second cards dealt are subject to exchange. In the case of the 6/10 and 7 / Dame combinations, there is no point in making the “Switch”, since changing the second cards, the player gets the same points – 6 /Dame and 7/10.

If “blackjack” fell on one of the boxes, the game is no longer played until the end of the round. If the player does not have “blackjack”, the game is played alternately on the right, then on the left box. The player can double the bet, collect cards, increasing the number of points, etc. When all decisions on the right hand are made, then the move goes to the left hand.

In Blackjack Switch there is the possibility of doubling the bets on the active box. You can double only with two cards on the box. If a player has received a blackjack on one of the boxes at the dealing, it is prohibited to double the bet on this box. When you click the button “Double” (or “x2”), an amount equal to the initial bet is automatically withdrawn from the account. The player receives another card for the pair, after which the box remains inactive until the end of the round. The game moves to the second box.

Split. If the player got a pair of cards of the same value on the hand, he can divide them into two separate combinations. Click the “Split” button for this and make a separate bet for each combination, equal to the initial one. The rules are almost the same as standard blackjack: you can split cards only once; when the Aces section, the player is given only one card for each Ace; 21 points from two cards is not considered “blackjack”.

After the player has made the last decisions on all boxes, the dealer proceeds to a set of cards. If the dealer has a “hard” 17 on his box, he stops dialing, if “soft” 17 gets another card. In the end, if the player scored more points than the dealer – the first wins. When the number of points of the dealer and the player coincides, the “Push” (a tie) is announced. If the amount of points on both boxes turned out to be less than that of the dealer a player loses the bet.

If the player has collected “blackjack” and the dealer does not, the bet is paid 1:1. If both have a blackjack, it’s a tie, so the player gets his bet back. In Blackjack Switch, the dealer does not lose with 22 points. In this case, “Push” is declared and only boxes with “blackjacks” are paid.


  • collected more points than the dealer. Payouts – 1:1;
  • dealer has a search (more than 22 points). Payouts – 1:1;
  • played “insurance” against “blackjack”. Payouts – 2:1;
  • the player received “blackjack” at the hand, while the dealer has any other combination, except for “blackjack”. The payout is 1:1.


Super Match is a bonus game in which, when certain combinations of cards on two hands fall out, the player is paid additional winnings. The amount of payment depends on the rules of a particular online casino. In order to play the bonus game, you have to make a bet on a special Super Match zone on the playing field before the cards are dealt. If none of the following combinations falls out, in this case the player loses the bet.


  • pair – 1:1
  • three – 5:1
  • two pairs – 8:1
  • four of a Kind – 40:1

It is worth considering that the individual rules or the size of payments may vary depending on the online casino and game version. Therefore, we recommend that before starting the game get acquainted with the site of the online casino and read all the rules and the paytable.