Blackjack Rules

The main goal of the game is to beat the dealer. This can be done in only one way – to collect a combination of cards whose values add up to 21 points or the number as close as possible to twenty one. If the sum of points in the player’s combination exceeds the limit of 21 – this is a “bust”, therefore, the bet is lost. If the number of points in the player’s combination does not exceed the limit of 21 and is more in sum than the dealer’s combination, the player wins. Payment is made with the coefficient of 1: 1, it means, the bet doubles. If there is no “Bust”, but the dealer’s combination of cards will be stronger – the casino picks up the bet. In cases where the amounts of the player and the dealer points are equal, a tie is declared and the bet is returned to the player.

Blackjack cards

In land-based casinos, blackjack is played from one to eight decks of fifty-two cards, and the dealer is obliged to change the deck before each hand. In online casinos, this kind of manipulation is not needed, as a result of which the game process becomes faster and easier. Card suits does not matter, the main thing is to know the value. Cards in denominations from 2 to 10 give a number of points equal to their face value; A jack, Dame, or King equals 10 points and is therefore called “tens.”

Ace can give 1 or 11 points: it all depends on the game situation, but the choice is always made in favor of the player. For example, if a player gets an A + 5 combination, he is declared to have sixteen points in total. The player decides to get a further card. If you roll 5, the combination will total 21 points – this is a win. But if the player receives Dame, then the Ace from 11 is translated to 1 so that there is no Bust (A + 5 + Q = 16). In this situation, the player can take a risk and get another one card.

“Blackjack” is the strongest combination of cards in the game and the only one that has a name. It consists of Ace and Tens or Ace and “Paints”. The main thing is that with a minimum set of cards, “Blackjack” gives a total of 21 points. This combination wins even if the dealer also collected 21 points, but from three cards. The payout in case of “Blackjack” increases – the bet pays 3: 2 (1.5: 1).

Number of players and bets

Players always play against the casino in Blackjack, which the dealer represents. The number of players is limited only by the number of “boxes” – rectangular betting fields on the game table. Traditional table marking for blackjack contains seven boxes, but in online casino the number of boxes usually does not exceed five. A player can place bets on one or several boxes. The main thing is that their amount does not exceed the limit set for this table.

Key Hand

At the beginning of the game, the dealer offers to make bets. Each player puts chips on the box they occupy, according to the table limits. Next is the card dealing. At first, each player receives a single card, then a dealer puts a card and deal a single card again. As a result, everyone gets 2 cards: players – face down, the dealer has one card more often to remain closed, it all depends on the game type. There are some rules variants in which the dealer is supposed to take only one open card for himself, and he will get the rest at the end of the round.

Next the dealer starts to work with each player in turn. If the player is lucky enough to collect “blackjack” on the hand, and at the same time the dealer’s open card is less than a ten, exclude a tie, the player immediately receives a payout of 3: 2, and his cards go to the “discarded tray”. If the dealer’s open card promises him a “blackjack” (10, J, Q, K, A), the bet is not paid until it is time to compare the combinations. According to the rules of some land-based casinos, if the dealer has an Ace open, he can offer the player with “blackjack” “even money” – immediately get a win with odds (1: 1).

The rest of the participants continue the game. Their task is to maximize the amount of their points, not exceeding the limit of 21. Players make a decision, evaluating the strength of their combination and taking into account the value of the dealer’s open card. In this case, the player can use two options: he can pick up any number of cards using the “Take” or “Hit” button, and when he decides to stop, he will click “Pass” or “Stand”. A set of cards passes through the queue, clockwise. The player who chose “Hit” and exceeded the limit loses his bet before the next round.

When each of the remaining players makes the final decision, the dealer opens his second card and, if necessary, gets the missing points. He is obliged to take another card if he has 16 less points, and also stop if he has 17 or more points. Active players compare their combinations with dealer cards. Suppose the dealer scored 19 points. A player with less than nineteen points loses his bet. The player who takes exactly 19 gets his bet back – the dealer declares it as Push or Stay, which means “Tie”. A player who scores 20 or 21 points wins the dealer and gets a 1: 1 win. Then, all played cards are removed in the “discard tray”. You can proceed to the next round.

Additional rules

Depending on the game situation and the variety of blackjack, the player can take advantage of several additional features that not only increase his advantage, but also allow to diversify the game process.
Double – the initial bet. Having received the first pair of cards, the player can increase the initial bet. After that, he automatically gets another card on the box. On this set will end. Double is only useful in case when the player is confident in the strength of his combination.

Triple – triple the original bet. According to this rule, a player can make another one bet equal to the original one. At the same time, he receives another additional card for the box. Triple is considered a mandatory rule, so it is rarely found in casinos.

Split – dividing one combination into two boxes. If a player gets two cards with the same value, he can “split”, it means that , divide them into two separate combinations of cards. In this case, the player is obliged to make a separate bet for each of the combinations, equal in amount to the original one. The dealer adding the splited cards with new pairs, and the player gets the opportunity to play a round on two combinations at the same time. If the situation repeats on one of the boxes again the card of the same value falls out, the player can repeat the split. In one round, a player can make not more than three-split, means at the same time play in four combinations.

Split and Ace (A) and tens (10, J, Q, K) have their own characteristics. A combination may consist of only two cards. If a pair is in the top ten or Ace again the card of the same denomination has come, the combination can be splited again. The drawback of the split is that the splited cards, even if he came to a pair of Ace or a ten, are not considered “blackjack” and simply give a total of 21 points. If the dealer has blackjack, the split-up combination will lose anyway.

Surrender – rejection of the game. If the player who received his pair of cards is sure to lose, he can simply surrender, losing half of his bet. It is worth to remember that this rule often does not work if the dealer has Ace or Ten in his hands. In addition, the “surrender” cannot be used if the player has already taken an additional card or made a split.

Insurance – an additional bet, with possible blackjack at the dealer. If the dealer has the Ace card as the first card, he should, offer the players to insure the blackjack after the completion of the deal. The player who decides to accept this offer makes an additional bet on the amount not exceeding half of the original bet. Thus, it concludes with a casino that the dealer will have a blackjack. If the prediction comes true, the player will receive a win in the amount of 2: 1 (double insurance).

Refusing insurance, the player loses the win if the dealer has a blackjack. In a situation where “blackjack” was received by one of the players during the dealing process, the insurance rule does not apply to it. The dealer can offer “even money” to this player – immediately get a win, but in a 1: 1 bet, not 3: 2.+ A real feeling of excitement, a chance to win big money and prizes
+ Opportunity to get profitable bonuses, participate in promotions and tournaments
+ A wide selection of blackjack options are provided
+ You can plunge into the atmosphere of a real casino with live dealers+ The game takes place in a training mode, there is no risk of losing money and fear of losing
+ There is no need to register, make a deposit and download software
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