A player who unreasonably uses cash to play will more often leave a casino with empty pockets than one who is responsible for managing his gaming account. Usually, practice shows that the player’s solid bankroll does not increase his chances of winning, if that player is not able to spend their funds properly. On the other hand, a casino customer who builds his gaming strategy with regard to the existing bankroll will be able to play for a long time and always remain in the black, even with a modest seed amount.


This article is devoted to such an important topic as game account management or bankroll management. Thanks to the information below, you will learn how to distribute the money allocated for the game correctly. These practical tips can be considered versatile, as they work effectively when playing in real and in online casinos, and are equally useful for both beginners and professional players.

 Do not take all your money when playing in a casino.

This is perhaps the main rule that must be strictly followed. It is important for a gambler to be able to allocate the budget properly, taking into account common family expenses to which the play in the casino does not apply. Train yourself to plan your bankroll on a monthly basis, divide it into equal parts, determining in advance how many times a month you visit a casino and how much you will spend per visit. Naturally, this new expenses should not make a significant part of the budget, and the budget shouldn’t take into account future possible win, as it may not be.

 Do not increase the amount allocated for one casino visit.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most difficult rules. More often it is violated by online casino customers, since they do not need to go anywhere to replenish their gaming accounts. Learn to play beautifully and restrain an irrepressible desire to recoup at all costs. Remember that the ability to stop on time, distinguishes the pros from uncontrolled big spender, and to which players’ caste you identify yourself depends only on you.

 Plan in advance the amount of winnings in the current game session.

Agree that it is much more difficult to leave the game at the moment when the fortune is most favorable to you. However, this should be done, since a big win at one moment can turn into a big loss. Such cases are not uncommon. Therefore, teach yourself to set a limit on the amount of winnings as a percentage, for example, 50 or 100% of the deposit. If you managed to reach your goal, then it’s time to leave.

 Count your money all the time.

So that the loss does not become an annoying surprise for you, do not forget to follow the balance of the online casino gaming account or the number of chips purchased for the game in land-based casino. If a player sees in time that his bankroll is constantly decreasing, he will be able to change the strategy or the game itself for the one in which he can get by with minimal bets. Often playing on chips, credits and virtual coins, the player forgets about spending his own money. This fact plays into the hands of the casino. Therefore, the customers should carefully monitor the movement of their finances, using for counting dollars, euros or other currency in which customers prefer to replenish their gaming account.

 Use only your funds to play.

Real casinos are ready to offer a loan at any time which is in no case can be taken to those who have lost themselves in the dust. If the credit money will be lost, the client will have to leave a valuable thing as a pledge, for example, a mobile phone or a precious metal jewelry. A pledge is one of the easiest ways to get into debt trap. The same can be said about the funds borrowed from friends or casino visitors. Online casinos bonuses are another thing. They do not need to be returned, however, in some cases it is more profitable to refuse bonus funds. We do not recommend using online casino money if you are a beginner or if you don’t know the game rules with bonuses. When choosing a bonus, you need to pay attention not to its size, but to the wager conditions, which are sometimes impossible to fulfill.

 Сhoose games with your available funds.

Some gambling entertainments are not advisable for owners of a modest bankroll. If you want to stretch the pleasure of staying in a gambling establishment, then you should choose tables with only minimal stakes. A roulette will be the best option for you. If you bet on black and odd separately, then the chances of losing are 25%, but even in this case you get 50% of your money back. Also pay attention to the video slots that are not connected to the progressive jackpot network. Progressive slots not only require higher rates, but are highly dispersed, which is unprofitable for the casino client. Poker is also a good option for those who want to enjoy a long game, provided that you know the rules well and have at least some experience in this intellectual game. And it is better to refuse from blackjack, with a small starting money. This game is able to quickly “eat” your bankroll, even at minimum rates.


If you are not limited in cash and thirst for thrills, then you can well afford the more aggressive style game with maximum bets and raises. It doesn’t matter what game you play in a casino, in what style, and with what stakes. The main thing is to know the limits of your capabilities. Try to keep emotions under control in any case and follow the recommendations described above. They will make your game more meaningful and allow you to avoid the typical mistakes of many gamblers.